Spotify Premium Apk v8.5.49.973 MOD [100% Working]

Hey, do you want to enjoy Spotify Premium Apk features? If yes then you are at the right place. In this article today we will know how to download & install spotify premium apk for free. Spotify is a great digital music streaming application here you can listen millions of songs, podcasts at any time. In free spotify account, you always have limited features which restrict you to enjoy spotify at full extent. Therefore, today we are here to help you spotify premium latest mod apk just download the application & have fun with spotify premium apk for free.

spotify premium apk

Spotify is considered as a king in online music streaming services because of its top-notch quality, a large collection of music, easy and attractive interface & its availability in most of the countries. It contains all the popular, old & new, underground music which is copyrighted and should be listen in legal way. Spotify gives you access to listen to all those songs legally which is copyrighted by music label on the cost of just $9.99 per month. If you can’t afford this subscription then you will have to continue with a free account which lacks many features.

Spotify premium apk gives you lot of features at no cost which makes them different from the original apk. Usually, if you want to avail spotify premium features then you will have to subscribe for a premium account which cost you $9.99 per month. For a student, unemployed person it may be difficult to get the premium account. But still, if you want to get spotify premium features then Spotify Cracked Mod Apk can help you.

Spotify Premium Apk Mod Download:

NameSpotify Premium Apk
Size27 MB
Apk FileDownload Now

1) First of all download the spotify premium apk in your android phone.

2) Now locate the download folder where you’ve downloaded the spotify premium apk.

3) If you are first time installing any application from external source then it is required you to enable unknown source permission. To get this enable go to Settings>Security/Privacy>Unknown sources and turn this feature on.

4) Now if you have existing spotify account just login it. For a new spotify user they can simply sign up for a new account.

5) Go to settings and select the music streaming quality very high to stream the music at 320 kbps which is the highest quality available on spotify.

spotify premium apk

5) Now you are done, enjoy unlimited songs and podcast, shuffle play with unlimited skips, no ads and listen to music on the highest quality.

spotify premium apk

What is Spotify Premium Apk:

Spotify premium apk is a modded version of official spotify application. As I said it is a modded application therefore, it has all the features which is available for premium users only. Using this modded spotify premium apk you can stream unlimited hours without any ads. There are many such features in this cracked spotify apk let’s explore them and know about each of them.

Download for Offline:

It is one of the most demanding features of spotify. You know sometimes we face internet connectivity problem due to poor connection in some areas & in this case it is difficult to stream any music using spotify. So to avoid this you can download and save your favourite music in spotify. Right now this feature is for premium users only but developers are working hard to get this feature in modded version also. But till then you can easily convert any spotify song to mp3 and download them in your phone or pc using our this guide.

No Ads While Streaming:

It feels very annoying when you are streaming music and suddenly ads started to play. When we hear songs we lost in the lyrics, music and feelings behind the song and if advertisement appears then it can ruin our experience. Spotify makes money from two ways either offering premium subscription or showing ads in free accounts. So if you are a free user and don’t want to see the ads just download spotify premium apk provided in this article.

Unlimited Skips:

Many of you already know that there is limited numbers of skips available for free spotify accounts. If you want to use the unlimited number of skips then you will have to upgrade your account to a premium subscriber. But using a modded spotify apk you can easily get this feature for free.

Unblock Country Restriction:

Spotify is not available in some countries if you are living in such a place then you are restricted to use spotify. Spotify premium mod apk unblock this application in your country and you can easily use it without any restriction.

High Quality Music:

If you are a true music lover then I’m damn sure you can’t compromise with the music quality. Spotify free users have the lowest quality available for listening but using this modded version you can get upto 320 kbps which is the highest quality available in spotify.

Spotify Connect:

Spotify connect is a great feature using it you can play music through a variety of different wifi connected devices like WiFi speakers, Television, Amazon Echo, Chromecast, PC, etc. It’s a great feature if you want to listen music in more places with more devices. You can easily control the music system using your spotify account. It acts as a remote control while adjusting volume, changing tracks and creating a playlist.

No Root Needed:

This modified version of spotify premium apk doesn’t need any root access. You can simply download mod version of spotify and install in your phone. It works for every smartphone whether your phone is rooted or not.

Get Spotify Premium in Cheap Price:

On the above, we discussed briefly about spotify premium apk but in case if you don’t want to use spotify cracked version then there are some other ways that can get you spotify premium at very low cost. The method I’m going to share with you is purely legit and doesn’t violate any policy of spotify.

  • Student Plan: If you are an 18+ student enrolled at a US Title IV accredited college or university then you can avail the discount. In this plan, you get spotify premium on just the cost of $4.99 which is half from the regular plan.
  • Family Plan: Family plan cost you just $14.99 per month and the same account can be used by six different peoples. If we do some calculations then in the family plan every individual cost is just $2.50.

To get complete information about these two plans you can read our article where we have discussed how to save money on spotify premium.

Some Error You May Face Using Spotify Premium Apk:

There are some errors being reported by spotify premium apk users so we need to know about them and also learn about fixing the issue.

  • Some users reported that their account automatically logged out from device.
  • Few users not able to skip songs.
  • Some users faced difficulty to log in their account even after entering correct login credentials.
  • Some of the users faced internet connectivity problem mostly from those countries where spotify is blocked.

If you are also one of them who is facing any such issues then simply login using VPN. Also, make sure that you’ve cleared the cache file of spotify premium apk.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We all know modded applications comes with many unsolved questions. So we will now try to cover most of the frequently asked questions. We can’t cover all your doubts on a single article so please ask your ask questions in the comment section if we have missed something.

Is this a premium spotify ?

Yes, the apk link provided in this post contains premium modded apk. You can use this modded version to enjoy premium features for free. But if you have money I highly recommend you to with spotify premium subscription because it helps the developer to generate some revenue and bring more collection of songs and features in future.

Is spotify premium apk legal ?

Modded version of spotify premium apk is not legal and it goes against their policy. So in some cases, if you get caught using this apk then spotify team can disable your account without any prior notice.

Can we get updates for spotify premium apk ?

Yes you can easily get updates of spotify premium apk. But you will have to install them manually in your phone so bookmark this page to get notified about the latest updates.

Is internet required to use spotify ?

Yes you need a good internet connection to use spotify. Whenever you stream any music it requires an internet connection to connect with spotify server. But in some cases, like if you have already downloaded the music it can work without any internet connectivity.

Can I use it on non-rooted android phone ?

Yes, spotify premium modded apk can run on any android phone whether it is rooted or non-rooted. The only required condition is that it should be compatible with your android version.

Is it necessary to use original credentials for creating new spotify account ?

Well, to be honest, no is going to verify that you are using the original credential or not. So you can continue with any email address, name, and password but it is recommended to use only original credentials.

Why spotify premium subscription price is too high ?

Everyone knows spotify have millions of songs in their collection to offer such a large collection of music & podcast the developer have to purchase the rights from the original copyright holder. So to pay the right holders and also generate some revenue for their company the spotify premium subscription costs you $9.99 per month.

What are some good alternatives of spotify ?

There are many good alternatives of spotify like apple music, prime music, pandora, youtube music, deezer, etc. I have posted a detailed article on this topic read it here.

Can we delete spotify account ?

Yes if you no longer want to use a spotify account or moving to some other music streaming application then you can delete your account. I have posted a detailed article on this topic read it here.

Final Words:

So guys today we learned about spotify premium apk. This website is made only for spotify lovers and in the past, we’ve already shared many tips and tricks on spotify. Before continuing with spotify premium mod apk please consider to get the real premium subscription. If you don’t have money right now then you can continue with this modded version of spotify premium apk and later move on to premium subscription. If you liked our article then please bookmark this page because we will continue to bring the latest updates on spotify premium apk in future.

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